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Our Story

From our gardens to your tables

Bringing you a unique tea experience to delight your senses

In our travels around the world, we discovered some truly extraordinary teas and brewed drinks which didn't just taste great but also created a complete sensual experience. Some of these we sampled on balconies overlooking lush tropical jungles. Others we were given in spas beside turquoise waters after receiving a relaxing treatment. As the aromas filled our nostrils and the refreshing tastes spread over our palate, we felt immediately relaxed and refreshed. These moments of serenity are frozen in time and encapsulated in every cup.

"How can we share these wonderful experiences with everyone?" we asked. The answer was Flower Pot Tea Company, which we created to bring these experiences to your table for you to enjoy.

Conscious of your well-being as well as your enjoyment, we skip chemicals or impurities found in tea bags as well as artificial colors and flavors to bring you sweet natural products in their purest form. 

So, sit back, relax and treat yourself to the PRETTIEST Tea.