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Brilliant Berry Brilliant Berry

Brilliant Berry

Known for their gem-like appearance and juiciness, berries are brimming with flavor and health benefits. Our Bursting Berries Tea pops with intense flavor, finishing with...
Elegant Glass teapot Elegant Glass teapot

Elegant Glass teapot

Enjoy the most beautiful tea you'll ever drink in this elegant glass pot. Just right for any of our floral tisanes: Volume 800ml / 27...
Enlightening Lotus Enlightening Lotus

Enlightening Lotus

A symbol of purity and enlightenment, lotus flowers floating serenely in still waters, soaking in the sun. Our Enlightening Lotus Tisane blossoms with a unique,...
Rose Butter Cake Rose Butter Cake
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Rose Butter Cake

Soft, chewy and a little sticky-sweet, these little cakes are the perfect nibble to pair with your floral tea or tisane. The sweetness of the...