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Blooming Teas

Flowers blossom in your cup, unfurling elegant color and flavor before your very eyes.

A cup of this juicy tea is sure to add a little pop of color to your day. Keep them for up to 5 days as a striking centerpiece for your table or desk!

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Blooming Bouquet Collection Blooming Bouquet Collection

Blooming Bouquet Collection

Like a field of fragrant wildflowers, the Blooming Bouquet Collection presents a variety of blooming teas to infuse your cup with flavor. 12 Tea Bloom...
Brilliant Berry Brilliant Berry

Brilliant Berry

Known for their gem-like appearance and juiciness, berries are brimming with flavor and health benefits. Our Bursting Berries Tea pops with intense flavor, finishing with...
Coconut Escape Coconut Escape

Coconut Escape

Noted for sweet flesh and luxurious texture, the coconut reigns as an indulgent superfood. Our Coconut Escape Tea glows with exotic nuttiness, balanced by herbal...
Lush Lavender Lush Lavender

Lush Lavender

Lavender's relaxing and purifying qualities have been revered since ancient times. Our Lush Lavender Tea relieves tension and anxiety with soothing aromas to cleanse the...
Powerful Pomegranate Powerful Pomegranate

Powerful Pomegranate

A crown jewel of fruits, the pomegranate is known for bold flavor and rich antioxidant benefits. Our Powerful Pomegranate Tea shines with tart juiciness, finishing...
Regal Jasmine Regal Jasmine

Regal Jasmine

Traditionally tended in the ancient royal gardens of the Far East, Jasmine is known for its luxurious fragrance. Our Regal Jasmine Tea blushes with calming...
Sunkissed Peach Sunkissed Peach

Sunkissed Peach

Reminiscent of sunshine, the peach captures both the taste and good health of summertime. Our Summer Peach Tea is brimming with juicy nectar grounded by...