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Blooming Bouquet Collection Blooming Bouquet Collection
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Blooming Bouquet Collection

Like a field of fragrant wildflowers, the Blooming Bouquet Collection presents a variety of blooming teas to infuse your cup with flavor. 12 Tea Bloom...
Bright Chrysanthemum Bright Chrysanthemum

Bright Chrysanthemum

With its optimistic blooms and fragrance, the beloved chrysanthemum flower has been thought to promote good health since ancient times. Our Bright Chrysanthemum Tisane unfurls...
Brilliant Berry Brilliant Berry

Brilliant Berry

Known for their gem-like appearance and juiciness, berries are brimming with flavor and health benefits. Our Bursting Berries Tea pops with intense flavor, finishing with...
Coconut Escape Coconut Escape
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Coconut Escape

Noted for sweet flesh and luxurious texture, the coconut reigns as an indulgent superfood. Our Coconut Escape Tea glows with exotic nuttiness, balanced by herbal...
Cutesy cup & saucer Cutesy cup & saucer

Cutesy cup & saucer

What kind of tea party doesn't have a cup & saucer? Make sure everyone is drinking in style with these perfectly-sized sets. Each order contains one...
Deep glass teapot with filter Deep glass teapot with filter

Deep glass teapot with filter

The depth of this glass pot allows your blooming teas to fully blossom, while you can use the filter to brew any of the floral tisanes....
Dew drop double-walled teacup (x2) Dew drop double-walled teacup (x2)

Dew drop double-walled teacup (x2)

Flower Pot Tea is better for sharing! Gather your friends, watch the blossoms unfurl and pass these little cups around. The double walls will ensure...
Elegant Glass teapot Elegant Glass teapot

Elegant Glass teapot

Enjoy the most beautiful tea you'll ever drink in this elegant glass pot. Just right for any of our floral tisanes: Volume 800ml / 27...
Enlightening Lotus Enlightening Lotus

Enlightening Lotus

A symbol of purity and enlightenment, lotus flowers floating serenely in still waters, soaking in the sun. Our Enlightening Lotus Tisane blossoms with a unique,...
Glass goblet Glass goblet

Glass goblet

While our teas and tisanes are totally wholesome and healthful, they're so pretty you'll feel like you're indulging. In that spirit, why not use these wine-style...
Large double-walled cup Large double-walled cup

Large double-walled cup

Want to bring your relaxing magical Flower Pot Tea moment with you on the go? Brew and drink right in this covered double-walled cup which...
Lush Lavender Lush Lavender
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Lush Lavender

Lavender's relaxing and purifying qualities have been revered since ancient times. Our Lush Lavender Tea relieves tension and anxiety with soothing aromas to cleanse the...